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The U.S. Dollar: Currency Masquerading as Money by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD 04-11-2014

A fascinating compilation of facts.

Gold price suppression -- why, how, and how long by Chris Powell 03-28-2014

Gold is such a powerful competitive currency that “if allowed to function in a free market, will determine the value of other currencies, the level of interest rates, and the value of government bonds.”

PEAK GOLD: How The Romans Lost Their Empire by Ugo Bardi 03-28-2014

The Romans paid their soldiers with gold and silver, but the Roman mines were gradually exhausted.  The empire produced grain (for awhile) and soldiers. When it had to import grain and couldn’t recruit more soldiers, the empire crumbled.

"$50,000 Gold in 2020" -- Jim Sinclair's Senior Moment by Gary North 03-20-2014

“Excess reserves held by commercial banks at the Federal Reserve are sufficient to make certain that there is not going to be hyperinflation.”  Besides which the superclass is Keynesian, and Keynesians are not about to buy gold.

Reaction to the Federal Reserve Policy Statement by Peter Schiff 03-20-2014

Fed moves goal posts back because it knows rate tinkering will bring the roof down.

Economics Myths by Steve Saville 02-19-2014

Steve knocks down 12 economic fallacies which if they remain prevalent will etch our tombstones.

How the Keynesians Won . . . And Will Lose by Gary North 02-17-2014

Keynes’ General Theory appeared six years into the Great Depression, and the old guard hadn’t produced a convincing explanation of it.  Keynes baptized what governments were already doing.  When Keynesianism brings us the Great Default, the Great Decentralization will give the free market a hearing.

The Deflation Menace by Peter Schiff 01-22-2014

Falling prices are bad?  They disrupt economic growth?  “According to the Department of Commerce’s Statistical Abstract of the United States, the ‘General Price Index’ declined by 19% from 1801 to 1900. This stands in contrast to the 2,280% increase of the CPI between 1913 and 2013.”

The Supreme Court Case That Handed America Over to the Bankers by Gary North 01-17-2014

“Marshall deliberately refused to deal with the central legal issue raised by the state of Maryland. That issue was not whether the Congress had the authority to charter a corporation. Rather, it was this:

“Does the United States Constitution authorize Congress to delegate federal sovereignty to a private corporation?”

How NOT to Argue for Gold: Great Topic, Pathetic Video by Gary North 01-17-2014

North rips the previous post for its incompetent video.

Physical gold, the safest asset in an unsafe world a presentation by Egon von Greyerz 01-16-2014

One reason mankind chose gold as money was the difficulty of increasing its supply.  Today’s money is being produced at astronomical rates.  What can we expect from such a policy?

What is Key for the price formation of Gold? an interview with Robert Blumen, 01-14-2014

“My view then of gold is no, it’s not money, not exactly but the continuing demand for gold arises from its function as a shadow money. It’s something that people hold to hedge against the possibility that it will become money or become more closely tied to money in the future. And even if it does not, the public’s valuation of gold functions as a check on the behaviour of the monetary authorities.”

Keynes, Crackpots, and Deflation by Gary North 12-31-2013

“I define a monetary crank as someone who proposes a system of causation for money different from causation for other market phenomena.”  In this respect, Keynes, Fisher, and Friedman were monetary cranks, as were Keynes’s heroes, Douglas and Gesell.

Reliving the Crash of '29 by Murray Rothbard 12-31-2013

“One common guiding assumption characterized the Keynesians, socialists, and fascists of the 1930s: that laissez-faire, free-market capitalism had been the touchstone of the US economy during the 1920s, and that this old-fashioned form of capitalism had manifestly failed us by generating, or at least allowing, the most catastrophic depression in history to strike at the United States and the entire Western world.”

Fed to America: ‘QE Scam Will Continue’ by Bill Bonner  12-24-2013

“Central banks rely on inflation to keep the economic pot boiling… and to roast the public. Higher prices lure consumers to spend, rather than save. Rising prices reduce the value of wages and earnings. Lower real labor costs coax business to hire more people… improving employment and consumer spending.”

What a bubble looks like (and why gold's price action wasn't bubble-like) by Steve Saville  12-24-2013

“To argue that gold's price action leading up to its 2011 peak was evidence of a bubble an analyst would have to make the basic mistake of ignoring percentage change.”

Did China’s announcement expose bitcoin’s weak spot? by Jan Skoyles  12-20-2013

“A decentralized currency does not mean it is out of the reach of government.”

Why I Am an Anarcho-Capitalist by Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.  12-04-2013

Government by its nature is a moral monster.  Therefore, “is merely limiting it possible or even desirable? Before dismissing the possibility outright, ought we at least to consider whether we might be able to live without it altogether? Might the free market, the arena of voluntary cooperation, really be the great engine of civilization we otherwise know it to be?”

Bitcoins: The Second Biggest Ponzi Scheme in History by Gary North  11-29-2013

Money is not accumulated for its own sake. It is accumulated to buy future goods and services. It is useful in the facilitation of exchange precisely because its market value varies little over time. It is the predictability of money's market exchange rate that makes it money.

Now let us look at bitcoins. The market value of one bitcoin has gone from about $2 to $1,000 in a year. This is not money. This commodity is not being bought for its services as money. It is unpredictable to a fault.

Federal Reserve Steals From the Poor and Gives to the Rich by Ron Paul  11-18-2013

It would be a mistake to think that QE is the first time the Fed's policies have benefited the well-to-do at the expense of the average American. The Fed’s polices have always benefited crony capitalists and big spending politicians at the expense of the average American.

Peter Schiff: Gold Hold It or Fold It? by Peter Schiff  11-08-2013

After seeing an investment theory crushed by reality, a rational investor would take a moment to reexamine his premises. In Goldman’s case, this would mean second-guessing the conventional belief in an imminent or ongoing US economic recovery.

Nobel Prize Winner: Bubbles Don’t Exist by Doug French  10-28-2013

In the modern era, booms and busts are too numerous to count: Japanese stocks and property, real estate (multiple times), stocks, commodities, stocks again, farmland (multiple times), and art are just a few. Yet the newest co-Nobelist denies the existence of booms and busts and advises you to put your money in index funds and hope for the best.

David Stockman on his Book and the Bailouts by David Stockman  9-6-13

Fundamentally, the financial crisis was a product of the Fed’s repeated blowing up of bubbles, and not of deregulation. Moreover, any suffering inflicted on the 99 Percent by our system doesn’t come from the free market, it comes from the crony capitalism that is now our economic system.

The Golden Cycle by Peter Schiff  7-1-13

On August 29, 1976 gold had plummeted, and the NY Times was crowing about the bright future for other investments.  Three years later gold had risen over 700%.

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