Peak Debt—-Why The Keynsian Money Printers Are Done by David Stockman

But here’s the obvious thing. Central banks can’t normalize interest rates—-that is, allow the money markets to rise off the zero-bound—-without triggering a violent unwind of the carry trades on which today’s massive asset inflation is built.

Barack, We Hardly Knew Ye by David Stockman

What Obama’s war is really about is the capacity of the American Warfare State to co-opt any and all dissenting views and to transform cruel doings from virtually anywhere on the planet into a casus belli.

Should Banks Lend Money At All? by Mish

Unlike banks, Lending Club does not print money into existence nor does it offer loans of mismatched duration.

It's Different This Time: Humans Need Not Apply; Two Possible Solutions by Mish

No matter what your job is, your job is in jeopardy.

Siri’s Inventors Are Building a Radical New AI That Does Anything You Ask

by Steven Levy

Siri can’t do anything that coders haven’t explicitly programmed it to do. Viv breaks through those constraints by generating its own code on the fly, no programmers required.

Sarajevo Is The Fulcrum Of Modern History (Part 2): The Great War’s Aftermath Of Keynesianism, Monetary Central Planning And The Permanent Warfare State

by David Stockman

[The] “failure of capitalism” explanation of the Great Depression is exactly what enabled the Warfare State to thrive and dominate the rest of the 20th century because it gave birth to what have become its twin handmaidens—-Keynesian economics and monetary central planning.

Sarajevo Is The Fulcrum Of Modern History: The Great War And Its Terrible Aftermath by David Stockman

Europe’s senseless fratricide of 1914-1918 gave birth to all the great evils of the 20th century— the Great Depression, totalitarian genocides, Keynesian economics,  permanent  warfare states, rampaging central banks and the exceptionalist-rooted follies of America’s global imperialism.